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for U.S. and International Students

Academic Coaching

The 2020-2021 school year was difficult for most students and families. Many students fell behind in their academics. Some students had trouble completing assignments on time. Other students found that their sleep schedules changed, had difficulty concentrating during class and used technology way too much.


Our Academic Support Program can help your child start the new school year refocused and with the skills to succeed. This program offers 20 hours of homework and motivation support. Students in middle and high school also receive personalized coaching in time management and college and career planning.


Nicole is a licensed special education teacher who has experience teaching children ages 10-22. Nicole specializes in helping students who exhibit behaviors associated with ADHD and Executive Function Disorder. Students who struggle to complete assignments on time, need help developing time management skills and/or want to improve their grades meet with Nicole 2-3 times per week using Google Meet.


Please reach out to Nicole to schedule a time to talk about your child's needs.

Text or call Nicole at (702) 900-1509 or send an email to

We can help your child start (and finish) the 2021-2022 school year with more confidence and success!

Academic Support and Motivation Program

Our Academic Support Program provides intensive support for students and families to improve poor or slipping grades, motivation, time management, focus, organization and more.


Academic coaching can be a great option for your child, if you have ever thought:


"My child works hard, but we don't see results."


"I know my child has potential, but he or she just isn't living up to it."


"My child never seems to turn assignments in on time!"

"I wish I could just get my child motivated to do more."

"My child really needs help figuring out what to do after high school."


"I'm really worried about my child's future and I'm not sure what to do!"

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