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Meet Coach Nicole

Certified Youth Resilience Coach

Licensed Special Education Teacher

Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist & Disability Advocate

My motto:

"Do the best with what God's given you."

I started Life Coaching because I believe every person has value and a purpose. My passion is helping children and young adults to identify and achieve their goals. After just one meeting with me, my clients say they feel better. After two sessions, their parents report positive changes in communication, academics and productivity.


I am a Certified Youth Resilience Coach and licensed special education teacher. I specialize in coaching teens and young adults who need support with:

  • Executive dysfunction (time management and organization)


  • Autism/ASD

  • Social anxiety 

Many of my clients come to me looking for support with:

  • Motivation and follow-through

  • Excessive worry about school, friends and family

  • Poor communication with family members

  • Technology, including too much gaming and phone use

  • Identifying post-high school education and career goals

To meet the needs of my clients, I have completed specialized training in executive function, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, trauma-informed practices, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, reading intervention, vocational rehabilitation and disability advocacy. I am also a member of the International Coaching Federation.


Pictured: Coach Nicole with two of her 8 awesome kids!

I find great joy in helping people realize what's amazing about themselves, enabling them to grow stronger in their confidence and abilities. Let's schedule a time to talk today, so we can create a plan tailored to your child's specific needs!

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