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Meet Coach Steele

Fitness Journey Coach, B.S. in Exercise Science

Former Professional Baseball Player

College Pitching and Strength & Conditioning Coach

My motto:

"Work hard every day to be the best version of you."

Hi! I'm Coach Steele. I am a coach who listens. I listen to understand my client's goals. When working with me, my clients develop a growth mindset. They know that regardless of their past experiences they can move forward. Our setbacks can be motivating when framed in the right way and with the right support. At the end of each session, I want my clients to feel respected, accomplished, educated, motivated and more confident - knowing that there is always the opportunity to push through the ups and downs and bounce back into good habits. 

I know what it means to work through adversity. I played baseball at the University of Rio Grande as a pitcher and corner infielder. I was nominated as an All-Conference Pitcher and also won the All-Conference Gold Glove Award. After college, I went on to play professionally as a pitcher and was nominated as an All-Star participant in my

 Independent League. 

I specialize in coaching teens and young adults who need support with:

  • Exercise plans for growth, strength and conditioning

  • Nutrition plans based on personalized goals

  • Anxiety associated with working out

  • Establishing a new workout routine

Many of my clients come to me looking for support with:

  • Motivation and follow-through

  • Developing an effective workout plan

  • Off-season strength and conditioning training

  • Putting on muscle or increasing running times

  • Preparing for college recruitment showcases

  • Gaining confidence through exercise for non-athletes

To meet the needs of my clients, I have completed specialized training in exercise science, strength and conditioning, nutrition and coaching. In addition to working with student-athletes, I am a trained special education paraprofessional who has experience supporting students with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and physical disabilities.


Pictured: Coach Steele pitching to win!

My love of fitness comes from the satisfaction of helping students and young adults gain confidence and improve their health by doing what it takes to reach their goals and become better overall human beings. For me, being a coach means that each and every day has to be my most important day of my life. No days are taken for granted and my job is to help my clients achieve the most they can with their ability and effort. I am here to help develop, educate and motivate students and young adults during their fitness journey. Through individualized plans, clients work towards becoming the best version of themselves while increasing their confidence, belief in their abilities and success.


Click the link below or text (937) 479-0698 to learn more about how our Fitness Journey Plan can benefit your child. 

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