Be Stronger with Coaching

Many children (and adults) face challenges with motivation, confidence, excessive worry, academics and issues related to the pandemic. Coaching provides an opportunity for people to share their thoughts, create goals and make positive changes - resulting in improved relationships, academics and behaviors.


​Be Stronger Together Coaching offers flexible session times, including night and weekend appointments. We offer online, pay-as-you-go services using Google Meet.

Coaching Programs for Students and Young Adults

Our coaching programs address academics, motivation, time management, excessive worrying, lack of focus, and overall "growing up" issues.


Coaching can be a great option for your child, if you have ever thought:


"My child works hard, but we don't see results."


"I know my child has potential, but they just aren't living up to it."


"My child excels academically, but they seem to always be stressed and anxious."

"I wish I could just get my child motivated to do more."

"My child really needs help figuring out what to do after high school."


"I've tried everything and just don't know what else to do!"



Coaching for Parents

​Coaching gives you the space to find answers to questions that weigh heavily on your heart, such as:

"Why am I having difficulty communicating with my child?"

"What can I do to help my child be successful in school?"

"How can I cope when I feel overwhelmed or feel like I don't have time for myself?"

"Are there ways I can cope with the worries I have about my or my child's future?"


During coaching sessions, clients discuss concerns and focus on creating solutions. Clients do not receive "treatment" or counseling. If clients need assistance beyond the scope of coaching, they will receive recommendations to seek additional resources to support their needs. 

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