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Fitness Coaching

Many children (and adults) face challenges with motivation and confidence associated with fitness and athleticism. Fitness coaching provides an opportunity for people to address their challenges, clarify their goals and achieve their sports and fitness-related goals. Positive outcomes of our Fitness Journey program include: improved health, energy and motivation; increased strength and agility;  greater confidence in sports and social settings; and, overall feeling of accomplishment and self-esteem.


​Coach Steele offers flexible session times, including night and weekend appointments, for U.S. and international students, families and adults. Call or text (937) 479-0698 to schedule a free consultation.

Coaching Programs for Student-Athletes

Our fitness coaching program for student-athletes focuses on building strength and agility, preparing for competitions and showcases, establishing workout routines and schedules, increasing motivation and confidence, and developing strategies to combat excessive worrying, lack of focus and much more.


Coaching may be a great option for your child, if he or she:


  • Wants to compete at a higher level

  • Struggles with consistency and routine

  • Faces challenges increasing strength or agility

  • Plans to attend college

  • Struggles to get along with coaches or teammates

  • Needs to develop more confidence and motivation


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Coaching for Students and Young Adults

​Fitness coaching is an excellent option for students who currently do not participate in sports, as well as former student-athletes. Working with the Fitness Journey Coach allows clients to:


  • Develop healthy fitness and nutrition plans

  • Focus on increasing motivation and well-being

  • Challenge themselves in a supportive environment

  • Create goals that are meaningful and achievable


During coaching sessions, clients discuss concerns and focus on creating solutions. Clients do not receive counseling or medical advice. It is recommended that all clients seek medical approval to participate in exercise and fitness-related activities. If clients need assistance beyond the scope of coaching, they will receive recommendations to seek additional resources to support their needs. 

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