Be Stronger with Tutoring

If your child is falling behind in his or her academics, not completing assignments or being inattentive during the school day, our Academic Support Program might be a good option. This program offers 12 weeks of homework and motivation support. Students in middle and high school also receive personalized coaching in time management and college and career planning.


Nicole is a licensed special education teacher who teaches all subjects and specializes in helping students who are struggling with hybrid and online learning. Most students meet with Nicole 2-3 times during the week and once on Saturday or Sunday. Sessions are held using Google Meet.


Please reach out to Nicole to schedule a time to talk about your child's needs.

Text Nicole at (702) 900-1509 or send an email to

Let's find a way to help your child finish this very difficult school year on a positive note!

Academic and Motivation Program

Our Academic coaching program provides intensive support for students and families to improve poor or slipping grades, motivation, time management, focus, organization, and more.


Academic coaching can be a great option for your child, if you have ever thought:


"My child works hard, but we don't see results."


"I know my child has potential, but they just aren't living up to it."


"My child excels academically, but they seem to always be stressed and anxious."

"I wish I could just get my child motivated to do more."

"My child really needs help figuring out what to do after high school."


"I've tried everything and just don't know what else to do!"